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The UCA message board is a family oriented board that is intended to educate and entertain it's visitors with information pertaining to UCA registered American Bullies, American Pit Bull Terries, Banter Bulldogges, Colored Boston Terriers, English Bantam Bulldogges, Olde Boston Bulldogges, Olde English Bulldogges and over 400 other breeds or purebred dogs. 

The United Canine Association message board is a paid board that is funded by the UCA and is provided primarily for United Canine Association customers for their participation and enjoyment.

The boards is strictly monitored in order to maintain a family safe environment.

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                   UCA Board Rules & Policies
  No kennel names or links to kennels may be posted that are not first registered with the UCA.  Here is a link to the UCA's Kennel Name Registration Program.

  No pups, litters, future breedings, up coming breedings, adults or stud services may be advertised of non-UCA registered dogs.  All dogs or puppies promoted must first be UCA registered.  No Exceptions. 

  No businesses or money making endeavors may be advertised without prior United Canine Association approval.  This includes web designers, collar makers, transport companies, etc. 

  No advertising or promotion of other registries, non UCA or IOEBA sanctioned clubs, breeder groups, events or shows.

  The United Canine Association board is a family oriented board and all post should be reflective of a family safe board.

  Humorous posts are fine but no profanity in any form or adult themed posts are allowed.  This includes innuendos such as "LMAO, ROTFLMAO, etc".

  Personal attacks, defaming, inflammatory, provoking or slanderous post are not allowed in any form, doing will result in all rights to use the UCA board being revoked.

  Issues with breeders should be handled via email, phone call or in person not on the UCA board.  Such post will be removed and the poster will be banned.

  Violation of board rules will result in the post being removed or modified and the user's ID being banned from the board and denied access to the board.

Thank you for following the United Canine Association's message board policies and rules and we welcome you and your contribution to the UCA message board.

UCA Board Administrators



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