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   Roster of Registered UCA Kennel Names

The United Canine Association offers breeders the option to protect the use of their kennel's name in the naming of UCA registered dogs. 

Kennel names of distinguished and notable breeders were recognized as early as the late 1800's by notable registries and kennel clubs. 

A registered kennel name is a word or words which a breeder can register with the United Canine Association (such as Rio Bravo) for the protected use by that breeder in the identification of dogs that they produce and apply for registration with the UCA. 

The UCA agrees to reserve the use of such kennel names submitted and accepted by the UCA for the sole and exclusive use of the individual (s) applying for registered kennel names within their residing state.

Registering your UCA kennel name includes certain benefits such as:

  1.  Sole and exclusive rights to the use of your kennel name for registration purposes and future advertising with the United Canine Association.

  2.  Priority on processing registration applications and litter applications.

  3.  A free listing on the UCA's  Roster of Registered Kennel Names on the UCA website.

  4. A conditional active link to your website as long as your site mentions that your dogs are UCA registered and your site maintains an active link to the UCA's main site at: Http://www.ucadogs.com.             

The requirements for UCA Kennel Name Registration are as follows:

 The applicant (s) must be in and maintain good standing with the United Canine Association and agree to abide the the UCA Code of Ethics and the UCA registration policies.

  The kennel name must be unique, distinct and unusual.

  The kennel name is limited to 18 letters and may be a maximum of two words. The only permitted punctuation is a hyphen.

  The kennel name may not have been used by anyone other than the applicant in the naming of any United Canine Association registered dogs within 5 years prior to the date of the application.

  Unacceptable words in the kennel name would include, but are not limited to: corporations or trade names, as well as the names of very famous and universally recognized persons, living or dead.  Words commonly used by many different breeders in the naming of dogs will not be registered to one breeder.  The kennel name cannot contain any profanity, derogatory or discriminatory words.

  The type of names that are most likely to be approved by the United Canine Association for use as a registered kennel name are words that are distinctive, out of the ordinary and/or a combination of words such as (Rio Bravo Bulldogs). 

Common words often used to name a dog, initials, colors, offensive, vulgar or tasteless words or names will not be approved or accepted as a registered kennel name.

Last names can not be approved for use as other persons have legal right to use a last name that belongs to themselves. 
All registered kennel names will show possession such as Rio Bravo's Bubbles.

When a kennel name is registered, the United Canine Association will exercise reasonable care in protecting the name for the use of the individual (s) to whom it has been registered. 

A registered kennel name is protected in all positions of a dog's name.  For example, if the name "Rio Bravo" was a registered kennel name, then the name could not appear anywhere in the name of a dog without the written permission of the owner of that kennel name. 
Further, a dog or litter cannot be UCA registered with a kennel as its owner unless the kennel name is registered with the United Canine Association.

All registered kennel names are owner, not breed, specific.  Therefore, when a kennel name is registered, it is protected from usage in all breeds registered by the UCA.

Once a kennel name is registered, it is registered for life as long as the user remains active with the UCA and in good standing. 

A kennel name can be passed from a parent to a child by following standard transfer procedures.  However, if an owner of a kennel name transfers a registered kennel name out of his ownership to the ownership of a non-related individual (s), the transferee must meet the breeding requirements listed above.

The United Canine Association does not register breeders or kennels, and the granting of a registered kennel name does not imply endorsement of any kennel or its stock by the United Canine Association.

A registered kennel name that has been applied for and approved by the UCA with the payment of the $100 registration fee will guarantee exclusive and sole rights to a desired kennel name ONLY and no other rights or guarantees are implied.



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