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  The United Canine Association (UCA) is an all inclusive, elite all breed dog registry that recognizes and registers over 400 different breeds of purebred dogs and is dedicated to their preservation, continuation and advancement. 

The United Canine Association's commitment to these breeds is distinguished by our strict policies of breed verification and validation of our breeder's code of ethics.  

 Here at the United Canine Association our well-trained experienced staff is dedicated to providing you with superior customer service in a professional friendly manner with an emphasis on accuracy, promptness, reliability and quality service. 

At the United Canine Association , accuracy and promptness are just two areas in which the UCA staff take great pride and example two of the important features that we believe set the United Canine Association apart from other purebred dog registries.

 The United Canine Association was founded with a trust in truth, belief in integrity with a strong moral and ethical stance and is devoted to upholding a great standard of professionalism within the organization. 

 The United Canine Association to date has provided professional registration and pedigree services to pet owners and dog breeding kennels in the United States, Canada and through out the world for over 400 plus recognized breeds of purebred dogs. 

Please take the time to visit and look through the rest of the United Canine Association website.  The United Canine Association website provides a wealth of information about the dog breeds registered, services provided, dog breed information, dog breed photos, dog breed characteristics and much more. 

UCA Mission Statement

* To be consistently recognized in the canine community as a professional organization that manages a vibrant, progressive, dependable and responsible purebred dog registry.

* To advance and improve the breeding of purebred dogs by establishing and maintaining a genetic stud file of all registered UCA canines.

* To maintain a registry for all purebred dogs with a special emphasis on rare, unique, distinctive or endangered breeds while preserving the integrity of the United Canine Association's genetic database.

* To sanction UCA canine events that promote sportsmanship, interest and growth in the sport of purebred dogs while encouraging and maintaining the process of breeding for true type and function of all United Canine Association registered breeds.

* To be clearly recognized and respected by the canine community as an organization that truly cares about the advancement and betterment of all canines.

* To promote and encourage the advancement and registration of purebred dogs with a special emphasis on rare, unique, distinctive or endangered breeds.

* To encourage all breeders of UCA registered canines to use only the best of the best in their breeding programs, while maintaining an emphasis on health, temperament and correct conformation.

 * The encourage the betterment of canine life by education of breeders and owners of today's ever changing ideas and advancements in dog care. 

Professional Registration Services

~ Elegant registration certificates for your purebred dogs 

~ Certified pedigrees

~ Litter registrations 

~ Latest in computer technology

~ Large purebred pedigree database

~ Lost or canceled registrations re-established  

~ Rare breeds and foreign registrations honored

~ Dual registration services available for all breeds of purebred dogs

~ We're dedicated to providing quality, reliable and speedy service



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