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  Shih Tzu 

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Registration: All Shih Tzus are registrable with the United Canine Association and eligible to participate in all UCA sanctioned dog shows and events.

Click here to learn more about
Shih Tzu registration; how to register your Shih Tzus or to dual register your Shih Tzu with the United Canine Association.

The United Canine Association recognized and began recording registration for the Shih Tzu in 2002.


Breed Characteristics:
The name "Shih Tzu" means lion dog in Chinese, and they received the name because of their long, flowing mane-like coat. The lion is highly regarded in Buddhist culture, and therefore is not surprising that the Shih Tzu made its way into palaces and royalty's lap in the older days of China.
Shih Tzu were considered to be so valuable that Shih Tzus were frequently given as gifts to the Chinese Court.  In the early 1930's, Shih Tzus were imported to England, and were brought to the United States about 1958.

The Shih Tzu is a sturdy, lively, alert toy dog with long flowing double coat.  The Shih Tzu is proud and confident toy dog that has a distinctively arrogant carriage with its head held high and tail curved over its back.

Although there has always been a sizeable size variation within the breed, the Shih Tzu must be compact, solid as well as carrying good weight and substance.

Country of Origin:  The history of this little dog is clouded by time and folklore, but it is thought that the Shih Tzu originated in Tibet. 

The Shih Tzu bears a strong resemblance to the Tibetan Spaniel, Lhasa Apso and Pekingese, which also originated in Tibet / China region of the world.

Original Purpose:  Companion and lap dog.

Today's Uses: 

 The Shih Tzu will weigh between 8 - 15 pounds.

The Shih Tzu is about 8 - 11 inches tall.

  The Coat of the Shih Tzu is long and dense, but not curly, with good undercoat.  The breed's coat appears harsher than it feels.

  Shih Tzus can be any color or pattern of colors.

  The Shih Tzu is a true companion dog. 

The Shih Tzu's out-going, happy and affectionate disposition coupled with his friendly and trusting nature make the Shih Tzu a great household pet.

The Shih Tzu makes a very pleasing companion and will be obedient if trained.

With Children: 
The Shih Tzu loves children and does very well with them if properly socialized.

With Pets:
  The Shih Tzu is a gentle and loving little dog that can posses a dominate attitude towards other small dogs.

The Shih Tzu is an intelligent, independant and strong willed little dog. Most Shih Tzus do well learning basic commands. 

The Shih Tzu requires a firm and rather persistent approach while training.

Activity Level:
Shih Tzus are lively, alert and energetic when outdoors.

Life Expectancy:
  The life  expectancy for the Shih Tzu is 12 - 14 years.


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