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  Olde Boston Bulldogge 

Registration: All Olde Boston Bulldogges are registrable with the United Canine Association and eligible to participate in all UCA sanctioned dog shows and events.

Click here to learn more about
Olde Boston Bulldogge registration; how to register your Olde Boston Bulldogges or to dual register your Olde Boston Bulldogge with the United Canine Association.

The United Canine Association recognized and began recording registration for the Olde Boston Bulldogge in 2002.


Breed Characteristics:
The Olde Boston Bulldogge is the original Boston Bulldog.  This breed is of the original type and form that is documented by many old historic photos. 

The Olde Boston Bulldogge is the breed that was once known as the round-headed Bull and Terrier of the Boston area.

It is believed that the Olde Boston Bulldogge is the breed from which the Boston Terrier was developed, therefore the early history of the Olde Boston Bulldogge is the same as for the Boston Terrier.

The Olde Boston Bulldogge is a separate and distinct breed from today's Boston Terrier.
Country of Origin:  Olde Boston Bulldogges originated in the United States.


Original Purpose: 
Varmint, sporting and farm dog.

Today's Uses:
 Companion and varmint dog.

Olde Boston Bulldogge weigh between 20 - 40 pounds.   

The Olde Boston Bulldogge averages 12 - 15 inches tall when measured at the withers.

The coat of the Olde Boston Bulldogge is short and smooth. 

 The Olde Boston Bulldogge comes in a variety of colors including black, brindle, liver, fawn and white.  

 The Olde Boston Bulldogge is a spirited dog.  The breed can be an excellent watch dog and his protective of its family.

With Children: 
Olde Boston Bulldogges are great with children.  

With Pets: 
When properly socialized Olde Boston Bulldogges does well with other pets.

The Olde Boston Bulldogge is an intelligent breed, however Olde Boston Bulldogges can be willful.  Consistent and patience training is recommended.

Activity Level:
The Olde Boston Bulldogge is a medium active breed, the breed does enjoy outdoor activity but does well indoors also.  

Life Expectancy: 
The life expectancy of a Olde Boston Bulldogge is 10 - 12 years. 

Breed Standard: Olde Boston Bulldogge

General Description:  The perfect Olde Boston Bulldogge should be of small to medium height and size (not toy sized) with a round compact head and a solid, muscular and athletic body.

The disposition of the Olde Boston Bulldogge should be outgoing, loyal, lively and intelligent.  The temperament of Olde Boston Bulldogges is to be very stable and trustworthy. 

Olde Boston Bulldogge are a healthy working dog without serious health problems. 

Olde Boston Bulldogge males should be free breeders and females should be free whelpers. 

The Olde Boston Bulldogge should be devoid of all breathing problems.  

Most importantly the Olde Boston Bulldogge is still a working bully breed.

Old Boston Bulldogges are spirited yet thrive on pleasing their owners and are very trainable.

The average lifespan of a
Olde Boston Bulldogge is 10 - 14 years.

Head:  The head of the Olde Boston Bulldogge medium and high, slightly sunken between the eyes (medial furrow). 

The circumference of the Olde Boston Bulldogge's head should be equal to or greater than the dog's height at the shoulder.  Fault :  Head too small.

Ears:  The Olde Boston Bulldogge's ears are short either naturally erect, drop or rose.

Muzzle:  Broad, deep and short.  The Olde Boston Bulldogge has a bite that is even or slight under bite.  Fault :  Muzzle too long (more than 3 inches), too undershot of a bite.

Eyes:  Wide apart and of moderate size.  Any color is acceptable foe the Olde Boston Bulldogge.

Nose:  Wide and broad.  The nose of the Olde Boston Bulldogge should not be pushed up between the eyes.  From the stop to the end of the nose must be at least an inch and a half.  Fault :  Completely pink nose (a small amount is acceptable).

NeckThe neck of the Olde Boston Bulldogge is medium to short in length and very muscular.

Chest:  Ribs should be well sprung (rounded) and the chest wide and deep.
Fault :  Too narrow in the chest.

Back:  Short with a slight rise from the shoulders to the rump (level back is just as  acceptable).

Legs:  Forelegs should be stout and wide apart, neither bowing out or turning in. 
Fault :  Bowing or turned out resulting in poor movement.

Feet:  The feet of the Olde Boston Bulldogge are round and the pasterns should be strong.  Fault :  Down in the pasterns or splayed feet. 

Height:  Male Olde Boston Bulldogges are 14 - 16 inches at the shoulder.  Female Olde Boston Bulldogges are the same size.

Weight:  The weight of the Olde Boston Bulldogge is between 20 - 40 pounds.  
Fault :  Dogs above the standard weight.

Color:  Black, black and white, red, brindle, blue and fawn.  All colors can posses various amounts of white.  The coat should be short and smooth.

Tail:  Must be docked, of no major importance.

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