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  German Shepherd Dog 

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Registration: All German Shepherd Dogs are registrable with the United Canine Association and eligible to participate in all UCA sanctioned dog shows and events.

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German Shepherd Dog registration; how to register your German Shepherd Dogs or to dual register your German Shepherd Dog with the United Canine Association.

The United Canine Association recognized and began recording registration for the German Shepherd Dog in 2002.


The German Shepherd Dog's roots go back to the late 1800's in Germany where it was used as a herding dog. 

This breed was first known as the German Sheepdog, but during World War I the breed was renamed to the Shepherd Dog to reduce discrimination against the breed as all things German were shunned at the time due to the war.  During this period breed's popularity declined in the United States.

In 1931 the breed's heritage was restored once again and the name was changed officially to the German Shepherd Dog.

By the end of World War I the German Shepherd Dog already popular throughout Germany began to see enormous popularity in the United States. 

 This was due in the most part to several movies and TV series with the movie star Rin-Tin-Tin, a German Shepherd Dog.  The popularity of Rin Tin Tin stimulated interest in the German Shepherd Dog once again.

Decades of movies and TV shows with German Shepherd Dogs has assured the breeds continued spot as one of the most popular dog breeds in North America.

The German Shepherd Dog is nothing short of a highly gifted dog.  The breed's intelligence is the envy of most of the dog world. 

The German Shepherd Dog has been able to perform almost any task that man has asked of it, including guide dog, avalanche rescue, tracking, watchdog, police dog, drug and bomb sniffing, and it is still herding sheep in it's native homeland.

Highly intelligent, obedient, easy to train, protective, brave, and fiercely loyal are just some of the words used to describe the German Shepherd Dog.   

Although high intelligence is often a sought after trait in a dog, it is not always a desirable one. 

Any prospective owner of a German Shepherd Dog needs to assure that they are willing to put in the extra effort to mentally stimulate their new family member. 

The German Shepherd Dog needs to be involved in "extra-curricular" activities including early obedience.   The breed greatly enjoys and excels at activities such as fly ball, agility, advanced obedience, field trials and dog sledding.

The lifespan of a German Shepherd Dog can be expected to be between 12 and 14 years.


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