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Registration: All Feist dogs are registrable with the United Canine Association and eligible to participate in all UCA sanctioned dog shows and events.

Click here to learn more about
Feist registration; how to register your Feist dogs or to dual register your Feist with the United Canine Association.

The United Canine Association recognized and began recording registration for the Feist in 2002.


Breed Characteristics:
  Feists generally are smaller, short-coated dogs with long legs.  Feist dogs are usually white with dark spots, a pointed muzzle and with ears set high on the head.  Traditionally the tail of the Feist is docked. 

The Feist is a true, energetic and high spirited hunting dog.  The Feist has been used historically for hunting squirrels as well as rabbits, birds and other small game.

When hunting, Feists, unlike hounds, are silent when tracking their prey.  Some types of Feist excel as treeing, they "tree" squirrels, keeping the squirrel in the tree by barking and excitedly circling the tree.

Country of Origin:  The Feist breed originates from the rural Southern United States.       

Original Purpose: 
The Feist was developed as a hunting and treeing dog.  

Today's Uses: 
Today the Feist is still used as a hunting and treeing dog as well as a companion and watch dog.

  The Feist averages between 10 - 30 pounds as an adult.

 The Feist height range is 12 - 17 inches at the shoulders.

 The coat of the Feist is short, dense and smooth coat.

All colors and patterns are acceptable for the Feist.  Some of the more common coat colors for the Feist are red and white, blue and white, black and tan, red brindle, red, black, white, and tricolor with spots.

Feist are semi-active, sociable and loyal.  The Feist is affectionate, loving and greatly enjoys interacting with its owners. 

Feist are eager to please, energetic but not overly excited, curious, and intelligent.  

With Children:
The Feist loves children but can be very protective of the children in its family.

Other Pet Compatibility:  The Feist does well with other pets that it has been raised with.  Proper early socialization is helpful.

Training the Feist is easy as the breed is a very intelligent dog that responds well to positive contestant training.

Activity Level:
Feist are a energetic dogs that greatly enjoy the outdoors.    

Life Expectancy:
  The average life expectancy for a Feist dog is 10 - 13 years of age. 


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