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  Chinese Crested 

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Registration: All Chinese Crested dogs are registrable with the United Canine Association and eligible to participate in all UCA sanctioned dog shows and events.

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Chinese Crested registration; how to register your Chinese Crested dogs or to dual register your Chinese Crested with the United Canine Association.

The United Canine Association recognized and began recording registration for the Chinese Crested in 2002.


Breed Characteristics:  The Chinese Crested is a toy breed that is fine boned, elegant and graceful.  

The Chinese Crested Dog comes in two distinct varieties, the hairless type, and a coated variety, which is called a powder-puff, either variety can born in the same litter.

The hairless variety usually has hair only on the head, tail and feet.  The powder-puff variety of the Chinese Crested is completely covered with hair.

The Chinese Crested dog makes a loving companion that is playful and amusing. 

Country of Origin:  The Chinese Crested dog originated in China.


Original Purpose:
Companion dog.

Today's Uses: 
Today the Chinese Crested dog is still a companion and very much a lap dog.

  The Chinese Crested weighs 6 - 12 pounds.  

 Most Chinese Crested dogs are 10 - 13 inches tall at the shoulders.

  The hairless variety of the Chinese Crested dog has tufts of long, soft hair only on head, feet and tail. The tail is plumed.

The powder puff variety of the Chinese Crested dog has a double coat.  The outer coat of the Chinese Crested dog is long and straight, the under coat is soft and silky in texture.

Chinese Crested dogs can be any color or combination of colors.  The skin of the hairless variety is often pink with dark maroon or grey with spots.


Temperament: The Chinese Crested Dog is cheerful, alert but can be needy at times for attention.    

With Children: 
The Chinese Crested generally does well with all people and loves children.

Other Pet Compatibility:   The breed does well with others pets.  As with all dogs the Chinese Crest should be properly socialized.

The Chinese Crested dog is an average learner, the breed can be  headstrong and are independent thinkers.

Activity Level:
Chinese Crested dogs are not a very active breed and require minimal exercise.  

Life Expectancy: 
Most Chinese Crested dogs live to be 10 - 14 years of age.  

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