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  Boston Terrier 

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Registration: All Boston Terriers are registrable with the United Canine Association and eligible to participate in all UCA sanctioned dog shows and events.

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Boston Terrier registration; how to register your Boston Terriers or to dual register your Boston Terrier with the United Canine Association

The United Canine Association recognized and began recording registration for the Boston Terrier in 2002.


Breed Characteristics:
The Boston Terrier was developed to be a companion and ratting dog, and they are a downsized version of the bull and terrier types of dogs.

Boston Terriers are easy to care for, small in size and have a delightful disposition.

The is Boston Terrier is easily recognizable by its appearance.  Boston Terriers are a strikingly handsome muscular dog that has a short, square body, a square skull and a short, wide muzzle.

Prominent eyes are a distinctive feature of the Boston Terrier.  Its coat is close to its body and very smooth.

The Boston Terrier is an odor free dog that rarely sheds. 

Boston Terriers are usually black and white with white on the muzzle, blaze, forelegs and chest. 

The Boston Terrier can be brindle in coloration as well.   

Boston Terriers are known to good watchdogs, as they like to bark at things passing by.

Boston Terriers have become are one of the most popular breeds in the United States and endeared themselves to many owners because of their affectionate nature.

The Boston Terrier much like its Bulldog ancestors and can be determined and self willed at times.  Boston Terriers are very intelligent, obedient and easily trainable.

Boston Terriers have friendly, gentle dispositions and make lovely companions for many types of households. This breed is very loyal and tends to bond closely with its owner.

Country of Origin: The Boston Terrier is a breed that was actually created in the Boston, Massachusetts area of the United States.


Original Purpose:
Sporting dog.

Today's Uses:

 Boston Terrier typically weigh between 10 - 25 lbs.

The height of the Boston Terriers is between 10 - 17 inches.

 The coat of the Boston Terrier is short and smooth.

Color:  Boston Terriers are usually black with white often tuxedo like markings.  The Boston Terrier can also be brindle with white markings, the breed can be seal with white markings as well.   White markings appear on the muzzle, blaze, forechest and lower legs are white.

Boston Terriers are lively, intelligent and alert.   Boston Terriers can be strong willed, yet still posses an even tempered disposition. 

Boston Terriers usually get along with just about everyone.  Boston Terriers are loving, thoughtful, and well mannered.

They are saucy and playful, devoted and can be somewhat stubborn.  Some Boston Terriers can be cautious of strangers

With Children:
Boston Terriers do well with children and are affectionate toward their family.

With Pets:
Boston Terriers are sociable with other animals but some may be aggressive towards strange dogs.

  Boston Terriers are a very intelligent breed and do well in both obedience and agility dog sports.

Activity Level:
 Boston Terrier have a medium to high energy level and can be lively and energetic but usually calm down quickly when asked do so.

Life Expectancy:
 The life expectancy of the Boston Terrier is usually 10-14 years.


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