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  Black Mouth Cur 

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Registration: All Black Mouth Curs are registrable with the United Canine Association and eligible to participate in all UCA sanctioned dog shows and events.

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Black Mouth Cur registration; how to register your Black Mouth Curs or to dual register your Black Mouth Cur with the United Canine Association.

The United Canine Association recognized and began recording registration for the Black Mouth Cur in 2002.


Breed Characteristics:  Black Mouth Curs have powerful, muscular and athletic  frames covered in a short coat that is generally yellow, reddish brown or brindle.

The Black Mouth Cur has a powerful looking head with a strong square shaped muzzle.  The muzzle of the Black Mouth Cur is typically black, thus giving the breed its name.

The Black Mouth Cur is first and foremost a hardy, durable, resilient hunting and working dog.  Black Mouth Curs are renowned for being courageous and unyielding when pursuing game. 

Black Mouth Curs are affectionate, responsive and gentle with their family. 
The Black Mouth Cur can however be very protective of its family members. 

Black Mouth Curs are a intelligent and inquisitive breed that is very versatile.

Country of Origin:  The Black Mouth Cur was developed by hunters in the Southern, United States.


Original Purpose: 
Black Mouth Curs were used by the early pioneers as an all round utility dog.  Some of the tasks that the breed originally did were herding cattle, hunting bear, mountain lion and wild boar as well as a guardian of property and person.  
Today's Uses:
 Today the Black Mouth Cur is still used primarily as a hunting dog.  However the breed is also a great companion dog.

  Black Mouth Curs averages 55 to 90 pounds with females being smaller than males.

The Black Mouth Cur averages 20 to 25 inches in height at the withers.

  The Black Mouth Cur has a short smooth coat.

  The Black Mouth Cur is typically a reddish yellow or fawn color with a black muzzle or mask. 

The Black Mouth Cur can be brindle too however it is not common or preferred.

  Black Mouth Curs are true hunters and are quite fearless.  The breed is very dedicated to its family but does not do well with strangers.  It is important that the breed be properly socialized as a pup.      

With Children:
When in the presence of children Black Mouth Curs have a tendency to diminish their playfulness and become gentler and protective.

Other Pet Compatibility:  When properly socialized the Black Mouth Cur does well with other dogs but caution should be used around smaller animals. 

The breed is intelligent and responds well to patent consistent training.

Activity Level:
The Black Mouth Cur is a hunting dog that greatly enjoys outdoor activities and exercise.

Life Expectancy:
  Black Mouth Curs live an average of 12-16 years.

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