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  Australian Staghound 

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Simply use the new UCA online applications HERE.

Registration: All Australian Staghounds are registrable with the United Canine Association and eligible to participate in all UCA sanctioned dog shows and events.

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Australian Staghound registration; how to register your Australian Staghounds or to dual register your Australian Staghound with the United Canine Association.

The United Canine Association recognized and began recording registration for the Australian Staghound in 2008.


Country of Origin:  Australia


Original Purpose:
Sight hound and hunting dog.  The Australian Staghound was developed and used primarily to hunt predators and rabbits.

Today's Uses: 
Today the Australian Staghound is still widely used as a hunting dog, however the Australian Staghound is also an exceptional family companion.

  Australian Staghounds average 70 - 90 pounds.

The Australian Staghound is generally 26 - 30 inches tall when measured at the withers.  Female Australian Staghounds tend to be smaller in size than males.

The Australian Staghound has two coat varieties, smooth and rough.  

Australian Staghounds come in a wide variety of colors.  All colors are permitted in the Australian Staghound 

Australian Staghounds are generally gentle, calm and affectionate with their family. 

Due to the Australian Staghound's hunting heritage, the breed usually does poorly as guard dogs as the Australian Staghound is seldom territorial.

With Children: 
Australian Staghounds are typically excellent with childrenAs with all dogs, Australian Staghound puppies should be properly socialized.   

Other Pet Compatibility:  Australian Staghounds interact well with larger dogs but due to the breed's high prey drive and hunting instinct the Australian Staghound is not generally recommended with smaller pets.

The Australian Staghound responds well to gentle, consistent and patient training.  Harsh methods of training a not recommended.

Activity Level:
Indoors the Australian Staghound is calm and easy going, outdoors the breed loves to run and has a higher energy level.

Life Expectancy:
  The average Life expectancy for the Australian Staghound is 10 - 12 years of age. 

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